Severn Bridge RR Course Map - Stowey Hill Circuit for 2015

43rdSevern Bridge - BW Cycling RR
Sunday 1st March 2015                                                                                                                                                         
Race HQ, Bishop Sutton AFC, Lakeview, Wick Road, Bishop Sutton, Bristol BS39 5XN                                                                               
Start 11:00 am - Finish 1:45 pm approx                                                                                                                               
100km: 10 laps Stowey Hill, Clutton, Chelwood roundabout circuit
Finish at Herriot's Bridge, Chew Valley lake
This is a very challenging circuit and will involve 10 ascents of StoweyHill which is an average 7% for 1km.

Circuit description
HQ Bishop Sutton AFC hall, (GR 581593, postcode BS39 5XN) neutralised dir NE onA368 to outskirts of village. Turn R (M) at Stowey Hill onto uncl. (GR 596601).Start here (GR 596601)(M), uphill to KOM at top (GR 602589)(M). Continue eastto Clutton, turn L (M) onto A37 (GR 619589). North to Chelwood R/A (GR 624618)turn L (M) onto A368 and return to base of Stowey Hill (GR590601) turn L (M)and repeat this circuit. Total of 10 laps (10.5 km each).
After 10th lap continue on A368 in through of Bishop Sutton to finish pastvillage at Herriot’s Bridge (GR 572582).