Sunday Clubrun

However, if you are interested in managing a regular Sunday ride on behalf of the club, please contact

NEW Sunday clubrun started on 23rd December 2018 and will run every Sunday from Business As Usual for a 9.30am start. It is a café so you can meet from 9.00 for coffee.


Here is the route, which does include a bit of a detour onthe way back to watch a cyclo-cross in Frenchay:


Full ride details are as follows:


Ride Leader – Looking for volunteers. 

Ride start time – 9.30am.

Ride distance – approx 70km, medium pace, no cafe stop.

Meet location – Business as Usual, Unit 3, Lawrence HillIndustrial Estate, Russell Town Avenue, Bristol, BS5 9LT. The cafe is calledCamber but outside signage says “BUSINESS AS USUAL”, so don’t look for Camber.

Bike security – you can take your bike inside.


Camber information –  open from 9.00am for coffeebeforehand and when the ride returns,  see They offer "batch brew" filter coffee before the ride for £1:50a cup, but all other makes are available too. They also have East BristolBakery flapjacks wrapped and ready as well as bananas for sale.