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Bristol RC Odd Down Winter Series Races

20 December 2014



1Bethany TaylorBonito Sqaudra Donne
2Kate BakerUniversity of Bath CC
3Chanel MasonArmy Cycling Union
4Joanne JagoPerformance Cycles
5Gabriella Leveridge
6Rebecca WatersPerformance Cycles
7Victoria LongArmy Cycling Union
8Corinne ClarkRide 24/7
9Phoebe SpeckRide 24/7
10Emma FudgeDulwich Paragon CC
11Gemma StuartPerformance Cycles
12Lucy WalkerBristol South CC


2/3 Cat
1Carl LukeLive2Ride/Sunwise
2John RussellDymag T-1-D
3Ashley HutchisonVC St Raphael
4Edward GilesRP Racing Team
5David BillingsVC St Raphael
6Ryan WitchellUniversity of Bristol CC
7Kurt GreenVC Montpellier
8Charlie Revell
Somerset RC The Bicycle Chain
9Ross EvansLive2Ride/Sunwise
10Jack BillyardSwindon RC
11Luke NolanLive2Ride/Sunwise
12Gareth TurnerUniversity of Bath CC

4 Cat
1Richard Bullett
2Richard Klee
3Stefan BarnettRadeon Cycle Coaching
4Gordon MarkusSevern RC
5Ben Thompson
Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
6Richard Woodward
7Robert ValdesIslington CC
8Chris WoodPerformance Cycles
9James DubbenLive2Ride RT
10Darrell RussellVeloton Team
11Donald FraserUniversity of Bristol CC
12David PlemingUniversity of Bristol CC






William Harper of Dulwich Paragon CC wins the Malmesbury RR

William Harper of Dulwich Paragon CC has won the Malmesbury Road race, breaking clear of the bunch in the final kilometre to win by only 3 seconds.



Malmesbury Road Race -31 August 2014

The penultimate stage of the Cotswold Cycle League took place on the rolling circuit via Minety-Charlton-Malmesbury-Brinkworth in perfect weather conditions.

Within the first lap Tony Kiss (Performance Cycles) and David Billings (VC St Raphael) were able to get away with lead of up 2 minutes by the end of the first lap.

After the first lap this lead was slowly brought back over the next lap and a half.  With the peloton nearing the finish William Harper (Dulwich Paragon CC) broke away to take the win by a couple of seconds.  Joe Barry (Ride 24/7) took the sprint for 2nd with Simon Coles (Norwood Paragon CC) following just behind.

Harper said “The race started quite gently, but by half way round lap 2, things started to get quite lively. An impressive 2 man break was finally brought back, and a series of attacks then went off the front.  I was involved in a break on the final lap with about 10 strong riders, which I thought would stay away, however we were reeled back in with about half a lap left. I knew that the last section of the course was a gradual climb with some steeper ramps, and that there was no wind, making it easier to stay away alone.  I kicked hard off the front with about 2 miles to go, and really tried to power up each ramp as hard as I could.  As I looked back after the initial effort, I saw there was a decent gap between myself and the chasers, so I put my head down and drilled it to the finish, managing a short sprint up the final rise. Thankfully I timed the move right, another few hundred meters and I may have been swallowed up by the group”.

Provisional Results from the Malmesbury Road Race
1 William Harper Dulwich Paragon CC
2 Joe Barry Ride 24/7
3 Simon Coles Norwood Paragon CC
4 Benjamin Luckwell Ride 24/7
5 Adam Capes Finchley Racing Team
6 Grant Bayton Ride 24/7
7 Lee Davis Velosure - Giordana RT
8 Matt Dunsbier Veloton Team
9 George Stainton-Ellis Team Dassi
10 Ross Evans Radeon Cycle Coaching
11 Malcolm Dixon Dream Cycling
12 Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
13 Mark Perry Ride 24/7
14 Harry Walton Cheltenham & County CC
15 Steve Thomas Dream Cycling
16 Shaun Green Army Cycling Union
17 Tim Wiggins Team Wiggle
18 Jed Webber Andover Whls
19 Dan Marshall Dynmag-T-1-D
20 Sean Townsend Gloucester City CC
21 David Billings VC St Raphael
22 Michael Ward Ride 24/7
23 John Russell Dymag-T-1-D
24 Stuart McCombie Bristol RC
25 Rob Handley Bristol RC
26 Matthew Ullmer Performance Cycles
27 Jamie Penton Radeon Cycle Coaching
28 Jack Billyard Swindon RC
29 Geoff Ripley Bristol RC
30 Justin Belcher Banbury Star CC
31 Thomas Leach Gloucester City CC
32 Richard Cleaver Leisure Lakes Bikes.com
33 Michael Porter Radeon Cycle Coaching
34 Simon Ker Bath Cycling Club
35 Stuart Gourley Radeon Cycle Coaching
36 David Hutchison VC St Raphael
37 Luke Souter Banbury Star CC
38 Chris Smith Python Racing Team
39 Charles Coleman Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
40 Luke Nolan Live2Ride Race Team
41 Niel Dunnage Cotswold Veldrijden
42 Tony Kiss Performance Cycles
43 Anthony Lake Gloucester City CC
44 Matthew Franklin Dymag-T-1-D
45 Carl Luke Live2Ride Race Team
46 Peter Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden
47 Richard Jerome Team Dassi
48 Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael
49 Gerry Bowditch Dream Cycling
50 ?
51 Scott Leakey Performance Cycles
52 Timothy Poole Performance Cycles
53 Dennis White Bristol RC


Frenchman Blain wins Severn Bridge

Photos and editorial courtesy of Eamonn Deane (more photos on his blog)

Team Raleigh’s Alex Blain secured victory in the 42nd Severn Bridge - BW Cycling Road Race in Wiltshire on Sunday, sprinting to victory ahead of his four breakaway rivals.

The 32-year-old Frenchman took the win by a couple of bike lengths ahead of Marcin Bialoblocki (Velosure-Giordana), while James Lewis (NFTO Pro Cycling) and Grant Bayton (Ride 24/7) were not far behind in third and fourth, then Richard Hepworth (Velosure-Giordana) in fifth.

Blain made it a weekend double for Team Raleigh, 24 hours after team mate Ian Wilkinson had triumphed further north in the Eddie Soens at Aintree Racecourse.

He was part of the initial break of four which went clear on the first of three laps of the 20-mile Malmesbury circuit.


Blain had gone clear early on with Marcin Bialoblocki (Velosure Giordana), James Lewis (NFTO) & 19 year old Edward Laverack (Rapha Condor JLT). Hiking in the snow in France had left Blain with a torn quad muscle that kept him off the bike all December, the rest has so obviously done him good as he put on a magnificent performance.

The quartet worked well together, building a lead of 35 seconds on the first of three 20 mile rolling loops, based around the village of Charlton near Malmesbury, Wiltshire. James Lewis had made the attack and even at this early stage it looked like a race winning move. The bunch did get organised though and the gap started to come down as the four up the road started to hesitate. The cold and wet is typical of early spring racing in the UK but it was the wind that had the biggest impact on the race, the south westerly stringing the riders out through Brinkworth (the longest village in England,so the sign says) and allowing the four to stay clear.

Three riders did make contact, including, Yanto Barker (Team Raleigh), Richard Hepworth (NFTO Pro Cycling) & Grant Bayton (Ride 24/7) as the bunch started to splinter. Through Charlton the second time Barker punctured and with the Neutral car servicing the bunch he was forced to take a wheel from a spectator. Despite the generosity he could not get back to the sharp end. Others too were feeling the pace as Blain, Bialoblocki, Bayton, Lewis & Hepworth forged on. Into the final few miles both Bialoblocki & Lewis attacked and got a gap but neither could make it stick.

Hepworth tried towards the end but his legs were gone and all had to settle for the sprint. Blain was “allowed” to sit on the front for the last two miles, the Frenchman had the best sprint and the others knew it! Bialoblocki tried to come on the right but could not quite get there, the effort taking both riders across the road, after the race Commisaires had a word with the pair but with the NEG escort ensuring the finish area was “sterile” it was more of a “hand around the shoulder” than a” wagging finger” conversation.

Rider Reaction
Alex Blain - “Good Good, really good, it was a fast start. I was watching Marcin. I know he can ride strong. It was a good group with a lot of power, everybody working well together; it was really fast, good for the start of the season. I was scared a bit because it is a short race.

The crosswinds made it hard and it split the whole race. Yanto got across to us but he punctured, I was a bit unsure how to manage the race with the two Velosure guys there. Everybody was waiting for my sprint; I had to do a turn for 5km with no one coming through, I knew Marcin would give it a good shot but I was confident”

Marcin Bialoblocki: “ I went from the gun, we worked together, I thought we would stay away even at that early stage. When the group came across a few people started to miss turns then we were just five riders, Everyone started to play games, I was thinking I could beat Alex, I can sprint well when I have good form but not yet”

James “Tank” Lewis (6’9″ and 97 kilos hence the nickname ‘Tank’: “ I got away on my own, it was a good group we were working well, I went for a flyer with 10km to go, I thought it was 2km I got a gap of about 200 metres but just blew my doors!”

Grant Bayton: “I came into the race a bit apprehensive, I have got a little leg injury, If you had said top ten before the race I would have taken it. Yanto Barker did a heck of a turn to get us up to the break. When Tank Lewis attacked I was biting my handlebars to stay with it. Alex did the business he rode well and deserved the win. I am happy with fourth though”

Richard Hepworth: “Marcin got in the first move, Metaltek seemed happy to chase they bought it back to about 10 seconds, then I just popped across. I will be honest though them lads can kick out some serious power, really I was a bit underpowered being a bit smaller, we should have won it really but I was blowing, when they are kicking out a hundred watts more than I can you have to duck and dive a bit. I am working with Sean Yates from Trainsharp and we have not done any top end stuff yet”.

Race organiser Brian O’Kelly was pleased with how the race went. The tragic events of last year were fresh in the mind. Race number 22 was not allocated in memory of Junior Heffernan, who so tragically lost his life in the race twelve months ago. A minutes silence was observed in the race HQ before the start.  “It was a hard decision but the will to continue this year was always there” said O’Kelly

Ed Laverack: “With John (Herety) not here we had no real plan, James went straight away, I went all the way around the bunch and got on, Marcin & Alex just came across and we were plugging away really hard, the bunch started to pull us back a bit, we tried again doing shorter turns. A group of six got to us but when Yanto punctured it got harder and started to fracture. I crashed yesterday at the Eddie Soens, my hip was sore and I started to miss my turns on the front but even that did not help. When James attacked with about 20km to go I popped!”

1st Alex BLAIN Team Raleigh 2:15:35
2nd Marcin BIALOBLOCKI Velosure-Giordana RT
3rd James LEWIS NFTO Pro Cycling
4th Grant BAYTON Rider 24/7
5th Richard HEPWORTH Velosure-Giordana RT all at same time
6th Samuel WILLIAMS NFTO Pro Cycling at 44 secs
7th Yanto BARKER Team Raleigh at same time
8th Steve LAMPIER Velosure-Giordana RT at 47 secs
9th George HARPER Velosure-Giordana RT at 1:08
10th Hugh WILSON NFTO Pro Cycling at same time
11th Perry BOWATER Starley Primal Pro Cycling at same time
12th Owen JAMES BH-Solidor-WAM Youth at same time
13th George ATKINS Team Raleigh at 1:14
14th Edward LAVERACK Rapha Condor JLT at 1:18
15th Nick NOBLE BH-Solidor-WAM Youth at 2:09
16th Josef METELKA Beeline Cycles RT st
17th Ashley PROCTOR Team Bike Box st
18th James PHILLIPS Dream Cycling Race Team st
19th Colin PARRY BH-Solidor-WAM Youth st
20th rider in black st
21st Rider in black st
22nd Tristan ROBBINS BH-Solidor-WAM Youth st
23rd Richard PHILLIPS-SCHOFIELD Peter Hansford Racing st
24th Robert WARD Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT st
25th Alistair HEPWORTH Team Bike Box at 2:12
26th rider in White st
27th William BJERGFELT Metaltek-Knights of Old Racing Team st
28th Justin HOY Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT at 2:17
29th Zachary MAY Cardiff JIF st
30th Dexter GARDIAS Metaltek-Knights of Old Racing Team st
31st Matthew FRANKLIN Bristol Road Club at 2:19
32nd Colton JARISCH Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT at 2:25
33rd Daniel FLEEMAN Metaltek-Knights of Old Racing Team at 2:27
34th Chris OPIE Rapha Condor JLT at 2:43
35th Matthew HIGGINS Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT at 3:38
36th Coutney ROWE Cardiff JIF at 4:59
37th Rider in black at 5:01
38th Micheal SMITH Team Corley Cycles st
39th Micheal WARD Rider 24/7 st
40th Steve THOMAS Dream Cycling Race Team st
41st Rider with blueshorts with a red stripe a/c backside st
42nd Connor SWIFT Team Bike Box st
43rd Robert ADLARD KTM Road-and-trail.com at 5:03
44th Anthony MOYE KTM Road-and-trail.com st
45th James CARTRIDGE Cadence RT st
46th Douglas COLEMAN CC Luton st
47th Rober ORR Metaltek-Knights of Old Racing Team st
48th Daniel STOREY Team Bike Box st
49th George PYM Starley Primal Pro Cycling st
50th Adrian LAWSON Cadence RT st
51st Charles REES Rider 24/7 st
52nd Jacob TIPPER KTM Road-and-trail.com st
53rd Billy OSMOND Rider 24/7
54th Oliver MOORS Speg-Project 51
55th Cameron CAMPBELL Pendragon
56th Sam SHANNON Starley Primal Pro Cycling
57th Geoff RIPLEY Bristol Road Club

LifeCare KOM Winner: Alex Blain (Team Raleigh)
Argos Team Winners: Velosure Giordana RT
First Junior: Tristan Robbins (BH-Solidor-WAM Youth)
BW Cycling First Local Rider: Nick Noble (BH-Solidor-WAM Youth)


Alex Blain receives the Severn Bridge Trophy from Oli Beckingsale of BW Cycling

Early breakaway of Blain, Laverack, Bialoblocki and Lewis
Peloton in full flow
Race starts to splinter

Cross wind and nowhere to hide
Early on the Peloton still in tact





To see the riders list go to this link: Severn Bridge - BW Cycling RR 2014 Riders

Download the race programme at this link:



Results & Report for Bristol RC Winter Circuits - Thanks to Geoff Ripley

VeloUK Report

Go-Race Women

Just 8 women took to the start line in strong winds and heavy rain for the first race, to battle not only each other but also the conditions. The race split in half early on but the two groups of four then worked well together doing their best to take turns on the front facing at one point stinging rain and sleet. Both groups contested their own sprints for the line. The race was won by a capable Georgina Snowdon-Brett (Uni of Bristol CC).

1. Georgina Snowdon-Brett – Uni of Bristol CC
2. Phoebe Heveron Uni Cardiff Marmots
3. Katie Thilthorpe Ride 24/7
4. Joanne Jago Performance Cycles
5. Kate Mactear Uni of Bristol CC
6. Harriet Somers VC Meudon
7. Georgina Panchaud Uni of Bristol CC
8. Harriet Simpole-Clarke Uni of Bristol CC

4th Cat
The sun came out as the wind seemed to pick up, causing the race to stretch out and then tear apart as groups formed behind four leaders, one of whom was last week’s race organiser Stuart Gourley of Radeon Cycle Coaching. Together with team mates Lee Davies and Andrew Callow of VC Bristol and Jake Hollins the quartet stuck their heads down and pulled out a lead over the chasers which they kept until the end. Jake Hollins took the sprint ahead of Stuart Gourley with Lee Davies in third.

1 Jake Hollins
2 Stuart Gourley Radeon Cycle Coaching
3 Lee Davies VC Bristol-Webbs of Warmley
4 Andrew Callow VC Bristol-Webbs of Warmley
5 Chris Molloy Bath Uni CC
6 Rhys Williams
7 Charles Ormerod Uni of Bristol CC
8 Tom Byers Bath Uni CC
9 Joel Bragg Bath CC
10 Daniel Gough Swansea Uni Cycling Team
11 Dave Mollison Monmouthshire Wheelers
12 Phil Thompson VC Walcot
13 Isaac Alcaide Bristol RC
14 Michael Gallagher Uni of Bristol CC
15 Theo Flack Uni of Bristol CC
16 Andrew Kirby Uni of Bristol CC
17 Alastair Stephenson Uni of Bristol CC
18 Peter Barlow Swansea Uni Cycling Team
19 Matthew Dale VC Bristol-Webbs of Warmley
20 Thomas Logan Ride 24/7
21 Rob Handley Bristol RC
22 Thomas Weir Cycle Club Ashwell
23 Felix Wilkinson Ride 23/7
24 Michael Porter Radeon Cycle Coaching
25 Tom Mowbray Uni of Bristol CC
26 Stefan Barnett VC Walcot
27 Jeremy Ash Bath CC
28 Tom Maisey

2/3 Cats
The final men’s race saw Iain Palmer from Twickenham CC keen to make sure he made the most of his long trip down to Bath. Trying the same tactic as his predecessors he charged off the front from the start. This time though the bunch reeled him back, although again the wind played its part with splits forming on the more exposed sections of the circuit.The main field split into two with several riders dropped leaving a front group of 11.

The chasers regained contact leaving the race all together. With around 4 laps to go, Iain Palmer our earlier escapee once again attacked alone. He pulled out an advantage of around 15 seconds and held it until the finish. Three riders set off in pursuit with Lee Comerford (London Dynamo) taking the sprint for second from Matthew Franklin (Bristol RC) and Duncan Lancashire (Andover Wheelers).

1. Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
2. Lee Comerford London Dynamo
3. Matthew Franklin Bristol RC
4. Duncan Lancashire Andover Wheelers
5. Paul Jones NFTO
6. Cameron Toms Uni of Bristol CC
7. Luke Nolan Westbury Wheelers
8. Craig Wallduck Dream Cycling
9. Gareth Turner Autostrasse Porsche RT
10. Paul Merryweather Bristol RC
11. Ross Evans Radeon Cycle Coaching
12. William Fleming Velo Club Venta
13. Steven Cottington Cadence RT
14. Adrian Lawson Cadence RT
15. Sean Polden Bristol RC
16. Ryan Witchell Uni of Bristol CC
17. Brian Glynn Bath Uni CC
18. Nick Creed Somer Valley CC
19. Christopher Crowther Army Cycling Union

The race is now open to enter online on the British Cycling website, just click on the button......


The 42nd Severn Bridge - BW Cycling Road Race organised by Bristol Road Club will take place on Sunday 2 March 2014, however it will be on a new circuit.

For 2014 the race will be held on a circuit in Wiltshire near Malmesbury, off J17 on the M4.

It will be National B for E/1/2/3 categories, for a maximum 80 riders with a priority for Teams of maximum 4 riders.

The HQ will be as follows:

Charlton Village Hall
The Street        
Wilshire SN16 9DL

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.
Click to Email

Go to this link to view the new circuit:

Also Bristol Road Club are organising an event as part of the Winter Series Odd Down Circuits in Bath on Sunday 9 February 2014. This will  include 4 separate races for Women, Masters, 4th Cat and 2/3/4 Cat.

The cycle circuit is part of the Odd Down Playing Fields, off Bloomfield Road/Chelwood Drive BA2 2PR


More details to follow.

The Story of My Bike that I Made Myself

About a year ago, Owen Byrne of Bristol Road Club decided to make his own bike, from scratch.....YES, including the frame! 

Click here to read Owen’s story and it will take you on a journey from this......


To this......

41st Severn Bridge Road Race 

1stStephen WILLIAMSYstwyth Cycling Club
2ndJack REEDRoyal Dean Forest CC
4thDavid CURTIS-WHITFIELDAvonlea Treasure RT
5thBen DAVISBristol Road Club
6thSteve THOMASBristol Road Club
7thJames LOCKERV-Sprint
8thTom MARSHALLVelo Club Montpellier
9thJordan BASONMG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
10thRichard BUSSELLBeacon Road Cycling Club
11thPeter BANHAMFred Williams Cycles
12thJoe BARRYPerformance Cycles
13thJoe FOXMG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
14thSam DAVIESAbergavenny Road Club
15thJonathon GOULDBC PM
16thHarry WALTONCheltenham & County CC 
17thHywel SILVESTERBike Doctor
18thSean BOLTONSwindon Road Club
19thAshleigh JAMESBristol Cycling Development Squad
20thSimon DAWEBristol Road Club
21stLewis BEVANEC Cycles
22ndTom BOWERINGVO2 Development Team
23rdSimon COLESNorwood Paragon CC
24thNoah GODMANSevern Road Club
25thSteve GLASSwww.sports-coaching.com
26thJake COWARDRapha Condor Cycling Club
28thMathew BLACKMOREBristol Road Club
29thJeremy RAYNERSomer Valley CC
30thSteven GREENBristol South Cycling Club
31stJames GRIFFINVC Montpellier
32ndNathan ANSCOMBEBristol Road Club
33rdDavid GORTONTeam Tor 2000
34thEthan LEENFTO
35thMitch EVANSRide 24/7
36thMichael DANIELSSomerset Road Club -Bicycle Chain
37thRob EDGELLPerformance Cycles
38thStephane PANGOnit Sports
39thSteven WHITEHURSTCheddar Cycle Club
41stGeoff RIPLEYBristol Road Club
42ndDavid OSBORNEBristol Road Club
43rdGary SHEPPARDBath Cycling Club
44thJoseph THOMASUniversity of Bristol Cycling Club
45thGordon PARKNTFO
46thStuart BAYLISBristol Road Club
47thAndrew PERRYBristol Road Club



The 41st Severn Bridge Road Race takes place on Sunday 3 March 2013. This
year there will be a 3rd Cat race as well as the usual E123 event. So to enter go to the British Cycling Events Calendar 41st Severn Bridge RR
The 3rd Cat event starts at 10.00 and the E123 at midday from Olveston Sports & Social Club at Old Down, Olveston, riders then taking on 4 and 10 laps respectively of the 6.6 mile circuit which includes the tough Old Down Hill.
This Bristol Road Club event is one of the country's top and longest running early season road race events that dates back to the '60s.
Check out the hightlights of last years race on YouTube at this link:

2012 Severn Bridge RR on YouTube


The details of riders will appear on the website at this page link:
You can download the programme from this page link:
Report on the 2012 event, the 40th Severn Bridge Road Race
Marcin Bialoblocki of NODE4 Giordano Racing has won the 40th Severn Bridge Road Race in tremendous style with a lone win in wet and windy conditions on the challenging North Bristol circuit. Marcin was over a minute ahead of Matt Jones (Team Corley Cycles) and  Jamie Sparling (Team Raleigh).

Attacking from a ten-man break which formed on lap 2, Bialoblocki went away with three of the ten laps to go, with the remains of the break fragmenting and then getting back together as a 6 man group in vain pursuit of a flying Marcin. 

Despite being wet, windy and cold, 80 riders took to the line with the conditions making for a steady start before the break went away on lap two and quickly gained 30 seconds over the rest.

Irish under-23 Philip Lavery (NODE4 GiordanaRacing) consistently took maximum points for the King of the Mountains competition on Old Down Hill, and with most of the top teams represented in the break, there was no concerted chase as the gap continued to stretch.

With the sun trying to show its face and the roads drying out, Bialoblocki made his move on the eighth lap and was never seen again as the group splintered behind him under a number of futile attempts to get across.

“I feel good,” said the 28-year-old winner, based in Bridgwater, Somerset. “I’ve done a lot of training over the winter and been to two training camps, but it was a bit hard today – I got back from Singapore last night after a 24-hour journey and only managed a quick night’s sleep before the race.”

The race marked the return of Oli Beckingsale (Endura Racing) after a lengthy injury break. “I’m a month behind in my training and have only done endurance work,” he said. “On a day like today you want to get in the mix, but the break went so early I missed it and with a lot of strong teams with guys in there, it was job done.”

More photographs below but see them all on the Facebook page.  Also the complete race has been filmed, here is just a Youtube snippet.  More to follow.


1.   Marcin Bialoblocki E NODE4 Giordana Racing 2:34:00
2 .  Matt Jones E U23 Team Corley Cycles at 1-05
3.   Jamie Sparling E Team Raleigh - GAC at st
4.   Colin Parry E L Wilier/Live2ride at st
5.   Dale Appleby E Metaltek-Scott at st
6.   Robert Smail E Team Wallis CHH at 1-07
7.   Tom Stockdale 1 U23 Primal Europe-RUtrainingtoday.co.uk at 1-10
8.   Tobyn Horton E Team Raleigh - GAC at 4-40
9.   Toby Eichler 1 L Wilier-Live2ride at 5-05
10. David Clarke E NODE4 Giordana Racing at 7-05
11. Pete Vincent 1 Mid Devon CC at 7-1
12. Todd Hotchkiss 1 U23 Performance Cycles - CMI at 8-34
13. Tom Stewart 2 U23 RST Racing Team at 8-45
14. Andrew Griffiths E Team IG – Sigma Sport at st
15. Tommy Bustard 1 U23 Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes.com at st
16. Alexander King 1 U23 Loughborough Students CC at 9-10
17. Michael Smith 1 Team Corley Cycles at 9-21
18. Liam Holohan E Team Raleigh – GAC at st
19. Gruff Lewis 1 Team UK Youth Pro Cycllng at st
20. Adam Bright E Primal Europe/RUTrainingtoday.co.uk at st
21. Jake Hales E U23 Team IG – Sigma Sport at 9-50
22. James Millard 1 Team Corley Cycles at 9-57
23. Matt Sumpton 1 U23 RST Racing Team at 10-25
24. Philip Lavery IRL U23 NODE4 Giordana Racing at 10-35
25. Rupert Denny 2 U23 GWR Team/Swindon Cycles/Kalas at 10-40
26. George Moore E U23 CyclePremier Racing Team at 10-55
27. Matt Higgins E NODE4 Giordana Racing at st
28. Declan Byrne 1 U23 CyclePremier Racing Team at st
29. George Harper 1 U23 Felt-Colbornes RT at st
30. Mark Perry 2 L Wilier/Live2ride at st
31. Brennan Townshend 1 U23 Team Raleigh – GAC at st
32. Jack Waller 1 U23 Team Wallis CHH at st
33. Kieran Frend 1 U23 NODE4 Giordana Racing at st
34. Tom Smith E Felt-Colbornes RT at st
35. Ashley Cox E Team Corley Cycles at st
36. Dan Storey 1 U23 RST Racing Team at st
37. Ash Martin 2 J Cadence Cannondale RT at st
38. James Cartridge 2 Cadence Cannondale RT at 11-00
39. Phil Borrett 1 Primal Europe/RUTrainingtoday.co.uk at st
40. Jamie Pine 1 London Dynamo at st
41. James Gray 2 U23 L VC St Raphael at st
42. Unknown rider in black/white at st
43. Wayne Coombs 1 Primal Europe/RUTrainingtoday.co.uk at st
44. Simon Gaywood E Team IG – Sigma Sport at st
45. Paul Derrick 2 L Strada Cycles at 11-35
46. Steve Thomas 2 L Bristol RC at st
47. Jon Pain 1 LeisureLakesBikes.com at st
48. Will Bjergfelt E L Wilier/Live2ride at st
49. Oliver Beckingsale E L Endura at st
50. Unknown rider in blue/white at st
51. Dan Pearson 2 J Wilier/Live2ride at st
52. Scot Easter 2 L Felt-Colbornes RT at st
53. John Crellin 1 Team Wallis CHH at 1 lap

LifeCare K.O.M Winner
: Philip Lavery (NODE4 Giordana Racing)
Argos Team Prize: Team Raleigh - GAC
1st Local Rider: Colin Parry (Wilier/Live2ride)
2nd Local Rider: Toby Eichler (Wilier/Live2ride)
1st U23 Rider: Matt Jones (Team Corley Cycles)
Junior: Ash Martin (Cadence Cannondale RT)
1st 2nd Cat: Tom Stewart (RST Racing Team)


View more photos at
www.edrollasonphotography.co.uk  and

www.chrisrhymerphotos.com and
www.grahamrobins.net and
Bristol RC Facebook




This year's 40th Severn Bridge Road Race takes place on Sunday 4 March, as usual starting at 11.00am from
Olveston Sports & Social Club at Old Down, Olveston, riders then taking on 10 laps of the 6.6 mile circuit which includes the tough Old Down Hill.  View the riders and download the programme.

This Bristol Road Club event is one of the country's top and longest running early season road race events that dates back to the '60s. Like a lot of races, this event has used different circuits over the years with the current one of six miles just outside Bristol being used for the last 20 years.

This year's race is expected to be one of the best ever, with entries expected from many of the top teams including Wilier/Live2ride, TeamCorley Cycles, Wyndymilla-UK Youth and Sigma Sport Specialized.  For the first time in many years, Bristol RC will enter a team to include Steve Thomas who is riding the race for his 25th successive year.

Sponsors so far include The Giant Store - Bristol, LifeCare, Mud Dock, Argos Cycles, Blast Bikes, Strada Cycles, Academy Eyewear, Avon Valley Cyclery, Printech, Signboard, Terry's Cycles and more with a prize fund of £1,500 providing a real motivation for the riders to make it a splendid race.  There is a special KOM prize from LifeCare which will really make the race up Old Down Hill very fast and furious.

As usual the race will be marshalled by the brilliant National Escort Group, and there will be a motorcycle cameraman to catch all the highlights of the race on film.

Last year's winner, Zak Dempster, went onto have a phenomenal season culminating in a move to HTC-Highroad and riding for World Road Race Champion, Mark Cavendish, in the Paris-Tours Classic.


2011 Severn Bridge RR Report
Zak Dempster of Rapha Condor Sharp has won the 39th Severn Bridge - Felt Bicycles RR in a tight sprint finish from Marcin Bialoblocki (Motorpoint Pro Cycling), Matt Jones (Team Raleigh) and local rider Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport Specialized). 

The race was run at a very fast pace with the 65 miles taking only 2 hrs 34 mins and the fastest ever lap time was recorded around the 6.5 mile circuit, with 10 times up the testing Old Down Hill.

A break of 8 formed on lap 5, which included Dempster, Bialoblocki, Jones and Richardson, along with Grant Bayton (Wilier), Simon Gaywood (Team Corley), Frederik Johansson (Team UK Youth) and Casey Munro (Rapha).

They were being chased down by Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth) and William Bjergfelt (Motorpoint), who had escaped from the bunch after some aggressive riding by the 2004 Paris-Roubaix winner, Backstedt.  They got close to bridging the gap on lap 5 before the leaders split with Zak Dempster forcing the pace over the finish line on lap 6 and Gaywood, Johansson and Bayton dropping back to be caught by the chasing two.

So as they went up the hill on lap 8 it was a leading group of 5 with another 5 chasing then Steve Lampier (Sigma) and Liam Holohan (Raleigh) doing a two up to try and get across.  However as they went into the last lap the leading break had split again with Dempster and Richardson having a small lead  over Bialoblocki and Jones with Munro on his own and close to getting caught by the chasing 5.

Down the fast decent at 50mph and finally round to the last time up Old Down Hill and Bialoblocki and Jones had bridged the gap to make a four up sprint to the finish, with Dempster proving the strongest, taking it by a length from Bialoblocki, with Jones a further length back and Richardson in fourth.  A minute later came Will Bjergfelt, staying clear of the chasers who were led home by Backstedt, showing that all that track work was putting speed in his legs.

Then eight more riders came in ahead of the bunch which was a further two minutes back. There were 67 finishers from a field of 80 and a lap earlier Stuart Thompson of Banjocycles.com had claimed the Lantern Rouge after spending 6 laps on his own.  Marcin Bialoblocki had won the K.O.M title with some very strong riding up Old Down Hill, where there were points every lap.  The Team prize was just won by Motorpoint Pro Cycling consisting of Bialoblocki, Bjergfelt and Lee Davis, run very close by Rapha-Condor-Sharp.

A great day, great weather, a bit cold, but the sun came out for the afternoon and it almost felt like spring.  Can’t wait until next year!

Confirmed results;


Zak Dempster





Marcin Bialoblocki


Motorpoint Pro Cycling



Matt Jones


Team Raleigh



Simon Richardson


Sigma Sport Specialized CT

+2 secs


William Bjergfelt


Motorpoint Pro Cycling

+53 secs


Magnus Backstedt


Team UK Youth



Simon Gaywood


Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Mavic



Casey Munro





Grant Bayton





Frederik Johansson


Team UK Youth



Matt Gee


Team Raleigh



Lee Davis


Motorpoint Pro Cycling



Colin Parry





Jon Tiernan-Locke





Liam Holohan


Team Raleigh



Martin Ford


Mammoth Lifestyle RT



Jack Adams


Forme Procycliste SanLamere



Dillon Byrne




 See complete result for all 67 finishing riders at this link Result of Severn Bridge RR 2011
Magnus on the move
Steve Thomas of Bristol Road Club
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Sykes looks to defend Severn Bridge title in 2011
Phill Sykes (Sigma Sport) will look to take back-to-back wins in the Severn Bridge Road Race on Sunday.

Sykes sprinted to victory in the 105km circuit race around Avonmouth last year, and will have team-mates Simon Richardson and Steve Lampier for company in the popular Bristol event.

Team UK Youth's James Stewart and Grant Bayton (Wilier/LifeCare/GoSelf) took the minor podium positions in 2010, and will look to beat Sykes this time around.

Motorpoint's Will Bjergfelt will also be a man to watch, as someone extra motivated to win on a circuit just a few miles from his front door.
 Also riding is Ben Stockdale of Team Qoroz, recent winner of the Perfs Pedal Race, along with 2004 Paris-Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt who has made a comeback this year to lead Team UK Youth.