2016 44th Severn Bridge - BW Cycling RR Riders

44th Severn Bridge - BW Cycling RR on Sunday 6th March 2016
Race HQ, Bishop Sutton AFC, Lakeview, Wick Road, Bishop Sutton, Bristol BS39 5XN
Entries closed on 14 February 2016.  The list of competitors is shown below.
Competitors (provisional and subject to programme issue)
Please check your details and email if there are any errors. Email
No.NameCat.Club/Team Name
1Nic McKibbin3 JBath Cycling Club
2Miles Burton3 LBath Cycling Club
3Hayden Burton3 J LBath Cycling Club
4Dean Hitchings3Cotswold Cycles RT
5Ben Stockdale1Cotswold Cycles RT
6Cameron Smalley3Cotswold Cycles RT
7Paul Hayward2Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
8Ryan Brain2Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
9Andrew Williams1Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
10Harry Veale2Cycleworks.co.uk
11Benjamin Marks1Cycleworks.co.uk
12Mark Perry2 LCycology Sunwise
13Ross Evans2Cycology Sunwise
14David Billings1Cycology Sunwise
15Jamie Penton2Dream Cycling Race Team
16Steve Thomas3 LDream Cycling Race Team
17Craig Wallduck1 LDream Cycling Race Team
18James Phillips1 LDream Cycling Race Team
19Joe Kirkham1Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
20Jake Tanner2Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
21Joseph Clark1Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
22Connor SwiftEEnvelopemaster Giant Sheffield
23Etienne Georgi1 JGiant Cycling Club - Halo Films
24Graham Crow1Handsling Racing
25Andrew Turner1KTM Impsport RT
26James Eldridge2KTM Impsport RT
27Kinsey McIlquham2KTM Impsport RT
28Barnabas Purbrook2London Dynamo
29Benjamin Goldsworthy2London Dynamo
30Gunther Zechmann1London Phoenix CC
31Oliver Maxwell1Neon-Velo Cycling Team
32Robert Partridge1NFTO
33James Lowsley-Williams1NFTO
34Dale ApplebyENFTO
35James Lewis1NFTO
36Hefin Evans2NFTO Race Club
37George Richardson2NFTO Race Club
38Tom HargreavesENuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
39Robert MooreENuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
40Lawrence Carpenter1Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
41Harrison Jones1Pedal Heaven
42Dexter Gardias1Pedal Heaven
43Max StedmanEPedal Heaven
44David Hewett1Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
45Alexandar Richardson2Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
46William Harper2Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
47Jack Thompson2 JPerformance Cycles
48Matthew Woods2Performance Cycles
49Vojtech Blazejovsky2PMR@Toachim House
50Arthur Tye2PMR@Toachim House
51Joshua LawlessEPMR@Toachim House
52Oscar Hutchings1Primera-TeamJobs
53Fabian Horrocks2 JRP Vision Racing Team
54Joseph Linehan2 JRP Vision Racing Team
55Timothy Allen2RP Vision Racing Team
56Alexander Cross3 JRP Vision Racing Team
57Jonathan Tiernan-Locke2Saint Piran
58Jake Alderman2Saint Piran
59Jake HalesESpirit Bikes Racing Team
60Jacob Hennessy1Spirit Bikes Racing Team
61Edward Clemens1Spirit Bikes Racing Team
62Joe Harris2Spirit Bikes Racing Team
63Zachery May1SportGrub Cycling Team
64William Scott2Team Corley Cycles
65Robert Hogg1Team Corley Cycles
66Edward Watkiss2Team Corley Cycles
67Michael SmithETeam Corley Cycles
68Ashley Martin2Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
69James Porter1Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
70Peter Haworth1Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
71Lee Frost1Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
72Andy Shackel1Team Wiggle
73Ben Lockett2 LTri UK
74James Curson2 LTri UK
75Daniel Mcquillan2 LTri UK
76Rob Yeatman2VC Equipe - Flix
77George Wise2VC Equipe - Flix
78Liam Walsh1VC Equipe - Flix
79Lee Davis1VeloVitesse/ALLCAP/Push
80Joshua Jones1Unattached
81Simon Coles1 LNorwood Paragon CC
82Thomas Bowering2Ride 24/7
83Alex Fanshawe2Zappi's Racing Team
84Ashley Hutchison2VC St Raphael
85Charlie Constant3PMR@Toachim House
86Edward Griffin3 LCycology Sunwise
87Matthew Ullmer3Cotswold Cycles RT
88John Ellerby3VeloVitesse/ALLCAP/Push
89James Mitri3 J LTeam Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
90James Fulcher3Portsdown Hill CC
91Liam Bromiley2 LUniversity of Bath Cycling Club
92John Mulvey2Cambridge CC
KeyE - Elite  J - Junior  L - Local Rider (Live in BA or BS postcodes)
1. There may still be changes before the programme is issued.
2. Names of Team riders may change prior to race start.  
3. Race numbers may change on the programme.