2021 49th Severn Bridge - BW Cycling RR Riders

49th Severn Bridge-BW Cycling Road Race
Sunday 27th June 2021
2/3 Regional A Race Start 10:30 - Finish 12:30 approx
E123 National B Race Start 13:30 - Finish 16:15 approx
Race HQ – Marlwood School, Vattingstone Lane, Alveston BS35 3LA.
View the circuit details on this page: 2021 Severn Bridge RR Course Map - Olveston Circuit
Entries closed on 6th June 2021.  The provisional list of competitors for the two races is shown below and the race programme will go out on 20th June. There will be Covid-19 restrictions at the HQ on race day, full details will be in the race programme. There may be a virtual online riders briefing on the Friday night before the race, but further details will outlined be in the race programme.
If there are any typos, incorrect team or if you are a local rider or junior and this is not indicated correctly, please email brian.okelly@bristolroadclub.com
Key: E - Elite  J - Junior  L - Local Rider (Live in BA or BS postcodes) 
1. There may still be changes before the programme is issued. 
2. Names of Team riders may change prior to race start.  
3. Entries on the day will be accepted for a total field size up to 80 riders.
Riders for 2/3 Regional A, Race Start 10:30
First NameLast NameCat.Club/Team Name
DarrenGardner3 LBath Cycling Club
ChristopherOwram2 LBath Cycling Club
JamesAlexander2Beeston Cycling Club
WillBeech2Beeston Cycling Club
JonathanOxley2Beeston Cycling Club
RyanDummer2Bike Doctor
ColinParry3Bristol RC
TomSharp2 LBristol RC
CraigCondie3 LBristol South CC
JacobAvery3Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm 
AlexanderBosley2Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm 
NeilWhite3 LBush Healthcare CRT
EdwardMorgan2Caffi Gruff
JackRamsbottom3 JCaffi Gruff
DewiLord3Cardiff Ajax CC
LukeProtheroe2Cardiff Ajax CC
DylanGriffiths3 JClwb Seiclo Llanymddyfri
BenJones3Cycle Specific Cycling Club
MorganLloyd3 JCycle Specific Cycling Club
ArchiePeet2Flamme Rouge Rouleurs
JacobSchnabel3 JFlandersColor Galloo
ThomasBowden3FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
SamuelHucks3High Wycombe Cycling Club
WilliamAbbott2Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Team
JoshuaDiesel3Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Team
WilliamJewitt2 LJRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team
ChrisCarter3Kingston Wheelers CC
JosephKirton3Kingston Wheelers CC
JacobAries2Kuota - GSG
EuanBeveridge3Loughborough Students CC
JosephTaylor3 LMagspeed Racing 
SamFreeman2Montezuma's Race Team
ThomasHarrington2Nopinz Motip Development Team
HarveyLawson3 JNopinz Motip Development Team
CameronMcLaren2Nopinz Motip Development Team
OllieSmith3 LPaceline RT
MatthewClegg2PM racing UK
RoryGilling2RE VO LTN
WilliamLewis2RE VO LTN
RobertFrancis2 LReflex Racing 
ThomasPrice2Reflex Racing 
DavidRoper2Ride 24 - 7
JonChambers3Ride Tribe Racing
RobertLewis2Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
RobertMcPherson3Saint Piran Development
JordanGiles2Southampton University Road Club
GeorgeKimber2Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor
SteveThomas2 LSteele Davis Via Roma Racing Team
RyanWatkins2TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 
JacquesCoates2Team PB Performance
AdamMillington3Team PB Performance
JoshuaCroxton2 LTeam Tor 2000 Kalas
AndrewDavenport2Team Tor 2000 Kalas
JoshuaGray2 LTeam Tor 2000 Kalas
PeterHaworth2Team Tor 2000 Kalas
AlexRandall2Team Tor 2000 Kalas
CharlieRevell2Team Tor 2000 Kalas
EthanBrowne2The Bulls
RhysFlint2UF Rowe & King
JohnRawnsley3UF Rowe & King
JackThompson3 LUnattached
LewisRevill3University of Bath Cycling Club
CarlJolly2 LUniversity of Bristol CC
GeorgeBeck2 LVCA du Bourget
LewisWhitcombe2 LVCA du Bourget
ThomasTownsend2Vredestein Basso
JosephBeckingsale2Wales Racing Academy
LiamJames-Morris2Wales Racing Academy
MatthewClarke2 LWheelbase CabTech Castelli
TristanGalloway2Will Houghton Racing Team
JoshuaKnowles2Will Houghton Racing Team

Riders for 
E123 National B, Race Start 13:30
First NameLast NameCat.Club / Team Name
JordanHill1ASFRA Racing Team
ShaunCook1 LBradford on Avon
ArchieCross2 LBristol RC
MatthewFranklin2 LBristol RC
AndrewKirby1 LBristol South CC
JoshuaAvery1Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm 
ChristopherRothwell1BW Cycling
HefinEvans1Caffi Gruff
DamienClaytonECanyon DHB Sungod
WilliamHarding2Cycling Sheffield
GeorgeWood1Cycling Sheffield
TheodorObholzer1Dolan Ellesse Race Team
EliotWardEInflite-Dynamic Rides Race Team
MatthewConner1Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
AdamKenway1Matlock CC
JackFreemanEMeudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
OliverHucks2Nopinz Motip Race Team
TomNancarrowE LNopinz Motip Race Team
JamesPhillips1 LNopinz Motip Race Team
MattWitts1 LNopinz Motip Race Team
RossFawcett1Orwell Velo
GaryFreeman1Orwell Velo
GeorgeSmithE LPrimera-TeamJobs
DanielBighamERibble Weldtite Pro Cycling
GruffuddLewis1Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling
FrederikScheskeERibble Weldtite Pro Cycling
JacobTipperERibble Weldtite Pro Cycling
SamuelAsker1Richardsons-Trek RT
IwanEvans2Saint Piran
RossHolland1Saint Piran
OliverMaxwell1Saint Piran
CharlieMcfallESaint Piran Development
FrazierCarr1Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor
TomCouzens1Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor
ClayDavies1Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor
JordanPeacock1Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor
WilliamBjergfeltE LSwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
AndrewTurnerESwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
MatthewDownie1TAAP Cervelo
MatthewLock1TAAP Cervelo
SamuelClark2TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 
HarryHorsman2TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 
TimothyTorrie1TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 
JosephWest2TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 
RhysBrittonETeam Inspired
JackRootkin-GrayETeam Inspired
OliverStockwellETeam Inspired
WilliamTidballETeam Inspired
JamesBentley1Team PB Performance
JamesChapman1Team PB Performance
SionHarlow1Team PB Performance
JoshWhitehead2Team PB Performance
OscarHutchingsE LTeam Tor 2000 Kalas
AlexanderWelburn1trainSharp Club
SamCulverwellETRINITY Road Racing
CallumMcQueen2UpShift Nutrition Race Team 
OliverPeckover1UpShift Nutrition Race Team 
KieranSavageEVC Corbas Isatis
CharlesAger2Vredestein Basso
CameronBiddle1Vredestein Basso
ThomasGrigson2 LVredestein Basso
ThomasLowther2Vredestein Basso
SamuelBeckett1Wales Racing Academy
OwainRoberts1Wales Racing Academy
WilliamRoberts1Wales Racing Academy
WilliamTruelove1Wales Racing Academy
JoshHousley1Willebrord Wil Vooruit
CharlieGenner2Zappi Racing Team
MatthewKingston1Zappi Racing Team
JoeBaker2Zappi Racing Team
NathanHallett1 LNopinz Motip Race Team
AndrewWhittemore1Exeter Wheelers
JakeHalesESpirit Bontrager BSS Rotor
LukeCraddock2TAAP Cervelo
JoeHolt1Wales Racing Academy
AngusHawkins1Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor
MatthewHoulberg2Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
BenMillar2 LTeam Tor 2000 Kalas
DeaconCutterham CGC3 LFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
Key: E - Elite  J - Junior  L - Local Rider (Live in BA or BS postcodes) 
1. There may still be changes before the programme is issued. 
2. Names of Team riders may change prior to race start.  
3. Entries on the day will be accepted for a total field size up to 80 riders.